To ensure you pay the correct tax value for the year, please complete and submit the required documents by the date indicated on a separate cover sheet. The information you are providing to us will be used to calculate and pay your tax liability to the National Tax Office and your Ward/City Office. Failure to provide the necessary information accurately or by the due date indicated might force us to calculate your tax based on the information not updated.      

Please remember not to forget to put your seal stamp (Hanko) (or your brief signature if you are not Japanese nationality) at every placed given

Document Checklist

  • 2019 Declaration Form for Tax Exemption: All Employees
  • 2019 Insurance Premium Deduction and Special Spouse Deduction: Only Applicable Employees
  • 2019 Spouse Deduction: Only Applicable Employees

  • 2020 Declaration Form for Tax Exemption: All Employees
-Sample form is provided to assist you to complete the forms
      -Above forms fulfill the statutory conditions of ‘Ordinance for Enforcement of the Income Tax Act’, Article 73, and can be used as
         official declaration forms .

When Submitting Documents

- Please do not remove the staple bundling these forms. - Please do NOT put My Number on any of documents.

- To prevent processing delay, please double-check that you have sealed or signed (Non-Japanese Nationality) all relevant forms

       prior to submission.

Purpose of Year-End Tax Adjustment (YETA)

YETA refers to the tax adjustment process culminating in payment of your Japan National Income Tax Liability. The adjustment calculates the difference of the total salary/bonus tax withheld for the current year and the actual tax liability calculated at the end of the same year.

Exemption from YETA Process

Employees with a gross taxable salary income exceeding \20M must file a 2019 Tax Return (Final tax return/ Kakutei shinkoku) by themselves during the filing period of February 17 - March 16, 2020.

In this instance the 2019 tax liability is unable to be adjusted through the YETA process. 

Note:  All employees, including those with a gross taxable salary income exceeding \20,000,000 , must submit “2019 & 2020 Declaration Form for Tax Exemption” on Document Checklist above.