□    Please check the pre-populated information to ensure that it is still current specifically: To update your information, please cross out the previous or incorrect information and write in the new information.  (please refer sample sheet attached for details.)

    -  Your name, date of birth, address (refers to the address you have registered with Ward/City Office), number of your dependents, etc.

□    Those who declare your family members as 'qualifying dependents':

   -  Your dependents’ addresses, their anticipated annual income, qualified/disqualified date as 'qualifying dependents', etc.,

along with their names, relationship with you, and their date of birth, must be indicated.  

When you register your family member who lives outside of Japan onto Declaration Form for Tax Exemption, please refer the sample form to fill in the following fields. You are requested to fill in the column of “生計を一にする事実” with the amount of 2019 financial support you transmitted. 

□ Those who declare disability tax exemptions:  -  Please specify the part and grade of disability.

□ Those who declare loss of spouse tax exemptions:  -   Please specify the reason of qualification (e.g. bereaved, divorced).